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Self Build

Leap Into Creation + Build Your Own Kingfisher Overlander





Self build options

Unlock the thrill of assembly with our self-build kits, guiding you to craft and customize your own Kingfisher Overlander.

Basic Spec

Start your build with the essentials; our Basic Spec Kit lays the foundation for your own own build. Suitable for the more experienced.

Bolt and Go

Equipped with everything you need for easy assembly, the Bolt and Go option lets you quickly hit the trails.
Kingfisher Overland

Self build journey

Assembly Guide

Step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to navigate the assembly process smoothly, ensuring a successful build from start to finish.

Customization Options

Detailed overview of available upgrades and modifications, allowing builders to personalize their Kingfisher Overlander to match their adventure style.

Tool and Material Checklist

Comprehensive list of required tools and materials, ensuring self-builders are well-prepared before starting their project.

Support and Community

Access to a supportive community of fellow builders and direct assistance from the Kingfisher Overland team for advice, tips, and troubleshooting during the build process.
Kingfisher Overland


Discover the Kingfisher Overlander in two tailored models: the Explorer for rugged terrains and the Urban for city streets. Each offers unique features and customizations to match your adventure style, ensuring a journey beyond the ordinary.



The Overlander combines durability, customization, and versatility, allowing for tailored adventures whether off-road or in urban environments.

Absolutely! Each model offers extensive customization options, from technical upgrades to aesthetic touches, making each vehicle uniquely yours.

The Explorer is designed for off-road adventures with robust features, while the Urban focuses on comfort and style for city driving and light off-roading.

Our self-build kits are designed for simplicity, with comprehensive guides and support available, making the assembly accessible to enthusiasts of all skill levels.

We provide detailed assembly guides, video tutorials, and direct support from our team, alongside access to a community of builders for shared tips and experiences.

Yes, the Explorer model is specifically designed for challenging terrains, equipped with features that enhance its off-road capabilities.

Each Overlander comes with a comprehensive warranty covering manufacturing and material defects. Please refer to our warranty documentation for details.

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