Overlander Fuel Tank


With varying bolt ons and additions to the frame, you can customise it to how you want it, taking into consideration it’s application.

If you are looking for distance, or simply the flexibility and options to drive further, we’ve built a 15 gallon fuel tank so you won’t need to fill up at every petrol station. Simple in its design, we haven’t fitted gages or monitoring gear, just a simple clear outlet pipe that indicates how full it is.

The fuel tank sits nicely underneath the luggage rack and is easily removable should it be required.

Once you have built your Overlander, you are more than welcome to bring it down to the workshop to have it officially certified by Dave Fisher. There will be prizes for the overall best build for that year.

If you’d like one, please click the link to order

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  • +15 gallon tank
  • +600+ mile range
  • +simple gage
  • +easily removable for access
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