Overlander Side Bins


With varying bolt ons and additions to the frame, you can customise it to how you want it, taking into consideration it’s application. If you are looking for a more adventurous use out of your Overlander the side storage bins provide extra space to carry kit and equipment, running gear and general travel items.

The side bins are completely removable so should you wish to use it in light mode, you can totally do that!

If you’d the side bins, all you have to do is place an order through the website and let us know what ral colour you’d like.

Once you have built your Overlander, you are more than welcome to bring it down to the workshop to have it officially certified by Dave Fisher. There will be prizes for the overall best build for that year.

If you’d like a pair please click here

  • +Side Bins
  • +Extra storage
  • +Removable
Kingfisher Overland

Do you want some modifications or schedule a test drive ?

We can modify to specific requests and also let you take one of the vehicles out for a test drive. Contact us for more info, we'd love to hear from you!