Overlander Luggage Rack


Luggage rack light version

Select heavy duty for the larger version


With varying bolt ons and additions to the frame, you can customise it to how you want it, taking into consideration it’s application.

One of the features of a full spec Overlander is to be able to store everything you need on one vehicle for a substantial journey. With that in mind, we’ve configured a robust luggage rack that fits nicely on top of the fuel tank. Whether you are going to be carrying kit, equipment, luggage or a spare wheel, we’ve built a feature that enables you to do so.

We offer 2x versions of luggage rack, heavy duty and light. The heavy duty will take anything on with plenty of points to secure a load. The light version is made up of less tubing which reduces the price slightly. Both are robust in their entirety. (pictures of light version coming soon)

Please note, we can’t be held responsible if you don’t end up liking your chosen ral colour, so please choose carefully!

Once you have built your Overlander, you are more than welcome to bring it down to the workshop to have it officially certified by Dave Fisher. There will be prizes for the overall best build for that year.

For more RAL colours, please see link here