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Drawing from the Desert


The genesis of the Kingfisher Overlander was not just an idea but a vision rooted in the rugged terrains of the desert. Inspired by the legendary Chenowth Desert Patrol Vehicles, renowned for their durability and agility, the concept of the Overlander was born. These vehicles, which had carved their legacy on the shifting sands and unforgiving landscapes, offered a blueprint for what an adventure vehicle could be.

Dave Fisher, brings a unique perspective to this journey, having been contracted by the MOD to develop vehicles that pushed the limits of desert exploration. This experience, where innovation met the demands of extreme environments, informed our approach to the Kingfisher Overlander.

At Kingfisher Overland, we sought to harness this heritage, reimagining it for the modern explorer. Drawing upon Dave’s expertise in engineering vehicles for the harshest terrains and leveraging the proven resilience of Chenowth designs, we embarked on creating a vehicle that embodied the spirit of the desert warriors—capable, resilient, and boundless. Our goal was to create a platform that not only meets the expectations of today’s adventurers but also inspires new journeys, pushing beyond the known to the realms of the undiscovered.


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