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Engineering the Vision

Design and development

During the Design & Development stage, our journey in crafting the Kingfisher Overlander was characterized by a keen focus on blending rugged capability with innovative design. A pivotal moment in this process was the prototype testing, which provided invaluable insights into the performance and resilience of our initial designs, particularly the spaceframe inspired by the durable and lightweight principles of the Chenowth DPV’s.

Armed with data and feedback from these tests, we embarked on the crucial task of refining our production process to ensure consistency and precision across every vehicle we build. This led to the development of a specialized jig, a sophisticated tool designed to hold the spaceframe components in place with exact alignment during the welding process. The creation of the jig was a direct response to the insights gained from prototype testing, marking a significant advancement in our manufacturing capabilities.

The jig not only guaranteed that each spaceframe would be identical, maintaining the highest standards of quality and durability, but it also streamlined our production line, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. With the jig in place, we were able to focus on further innovations, such as the development of body panels that perfectly match the contours of the spaceframe. These panels were designed to complement the frame’s structural integrity while contributing to the Overlander’s distinctive aesthetic and aerodynamic efficiency.

This sequence of prototype testing followed by the development of the jig and subsequent body panel refinement underscores our iterative approach to design and development. It highlights our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, ensuring that every Kingfisher Overlander is not just a vehicle, but a testament to engineering excellence and the adventurous spirit it’s built to serve.


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